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The Best New TV Series of 2023: Must-Watch Shows Ranked

The world of television continues to evolve and surprise us with its creativity and storytelling. As we venture into 2023, a fresh wave of TV series has captured our attention and kept us glued to our screens. In this blog post, we'll explore the best new TV series of 2023, all ranked according to their ratings. From thrilling dramas to captivating mysteries and everything in between, there's something for every TV enthusiast to discover this year.

Silo (2023) Series - 8.5/10

Silo takes the top spot as the best new TV series of 2023, and for good reason. This gripping show blends elements of science fiction and suspense to deliver an edge-of-your-seat experience. Set in a dystopian future where humanity's survival is at stake, Silo keeps viewers hooked with its thought-provoking storyline, outstanding performances, and stunning visual effects.

The Rig (2023) Series - 8.1/10

In The Rig, viewers are transported to an offshore oil rig where a group of workers must grapple with not only the challenges of their dangerous jobs but also mysterious and unsettling events. This series combines intense action sequences with a compelling mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Kaleidoscope (2023) Series - 8.0/10

Kaleidoscope offers a unique viewing experience by exploring the lives of a diverse group of characters connected through a shared experience. This character-driven drama excels in its storytelling and character development, making it a must-watch for fans of intricate, emotionally charged narratives.

The Last of Us (2023) Series - 8.0/10

Based on the popular video game, The Last of Us brings a post-apocalyptic world to life with stunning visuals and an emotionally charged storyline. The series captivates audiences with its well-crafted characters and intense survival themes, making it a standout adaptation.

Citadel (2023) Series - 8.0/10

Citadel is a thrilling fantasy series that takes viewers on an epic adventure filled with magic, mythical creatures, and political intrigue. With its intricate world-building and rich storytelling, it's a top pick for fantasy enthusiasts.

Poker Face (2023) Series - 7.9/10

Poker Face delivers a dose of humor and intrigue as it explores the world of professional poker. The series combines a sharp wit with intense poker showdowns, making it an exciting watch for fans of both comedy and high-stakes drama.

The Diplomat (2023) Series - 7.9/10

In The Diplomat, espionage meets diplomacy in a gripping thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With its intricate plot and well-crafted characters, this series is a standout in the espionage genre.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves (2023) Series - 7.9/10

Lawmen: Bass Reeves transports viewers to the Wild West with its compelling portrayal of the legendary lawman. This historical drama brings to life the adventures and challenges faced by Bass Reeves, making it a must-watch for history buffs and Western fans.

Hijack (2023) Series - 7.8/10

Hijack is a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the high-stakes world of aviation security. With its intense action sequences and intricate plot, this series is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON (2023) Series - 7.8/10

Fans of The Walking Dead universe have reason to celebrate with Daryl Dixon. This spin-off series delves deeper into the character of Daryl Dixon, offering new insights and adventures in a world overrun by zombies.

The Fall of the House of Usher (2023) Series - 7.8/10

Based on Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale, The Fall of the House of Usher brings a modern twist to a timeless story. This psychological horror series immerses viewers in a world of suspense and dread, making it a must-see for horror aficionados.

Blue Eye Samurai (2023) Series - 7.7/10

Blue Eye Samurai is an exciting blend of martial arts and intrigue set in feudal Japan. With its stunning choreography and captivating plot, it's a visual treat for fans of action and historical drama.

Rabbit Hole (2023) Series - 7.6/10

Enter the enigmatic world of Rabbit Hole, a mind-bending series that challenges perceptions and reality. This psychological thriller keeps viewers guessing with its intricate plot and thought-provoking themes.

Lockwood & Co. (2023) Series - 7.5/10

Lockwood & Co. offers a thrilling mix of supernatural mysteries and detective work. Set in a world plagued by ghosts, it follows a group of young investigators as they uncover chilling secrets. If you enjoy a good ghost story with a dose of suspense, this series is a must-watch.

The Consultant (2023) Series - 7.5/10

The Consultant is a cleverly crafted crime drama that keeps viewers engaged with its intricate cases and charismatic lead character. With its well-paced storytelling, it's a standout in the genre.

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars (2023) Series - 7.5/10

If you have a passion for food and culinary excellence, Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars is a delectable treat. This cooking competition series showcases aspiring chefs as they compete for the opportunity of a lifetime under the guidance of the legendary Gordon Ramsay.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2023) Series - 7.5/10

Based on Michael Connelly's best-selling novels, The Lincoln Lawyer introduces viewers to the charismatic defense attorney Mickey Haller. With its compelling legal drama and intriguing cases, it's a must-see for fans of courtroom thrillers.

One Piece (2023) Series - 7.5/10

One Piece continues its epic adventure in 2023, delighting fans with its enduring blend of action, humor, and camaraderie. If you're a fan of long-running shonen anime, this series remains a beloved favorite.

Buddy Games (2023) Series - 7.5/10

Buddy Games offers a humorous take on the world of competitive games and challenges. With its entertaining cast and laugh-out-loud moments, it's a fun watch for those seeking light-hearted entertainment.

Gen V (2023) Series - 7.5/10

Gen V delves into the world of virtual reality gaming, where players must navigate a complex and evolving digital landscape. This series blends action and technology for an exciting viewing experience.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023) Series - 7.5/10

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters invites viewers into a world where myths and legends come to life. With its imaginative creatures and high-stakes adventures, it's a thrilling ride for fantasy enthusiasts.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2023) Series - 7.5/10

Fans of the beloved book series can rejoice as Percy Jackson and the Olympians comes to the small screen. This adaptation brings the world of Greek mythology and demigods to life, making it a fantastic choice for fans of the source material.

A Murder at the End of the World (2023) Series - 7.4/10

A Murder at the End of the World is a gripping crime drama that explores a chilling murder mystery in an isolated setting. With its suspenseful plot and well-developed characters, it's a standout in the genre.

Shrinking (2023) Series - 7.3/10

Shrinking offers a unique take on the superhero genre as it explores the challenges and quirks of a character with the power to shrink. This lighthearted series combines humor with action for an entertaining watch.

Night Agent (2023) Series - 7.2/10

In Night Agent, espionage meets supernatural as agents investigate paranormal threats. With its intriguing blend of genres, it's a series that keeps viewers engaged with its mysteries and government conspiracies.

Black Knight (2023) Series - 7.2/10

Black Knight takes viewers on a medieval adventure filled with knights, chivalry, and epic battles. If you're a fan of historical dramas set in a bygone era, this series offers an exciting escape.

FUBAR (2023) Series - 7.2/10

FUBAR is a hilarious comedy series that follows a group of misfit soldiers on comically chaotic missions. If you enjoy humor with a military twist, this series is sure to leave you in stitches.

Frasier (2023) Series - 7.2/10

Fans of the classic sitcom Frasier can relive the humor and wit of the Crane family in this highly anticipated revival. With its beloved characters and sharp humor, it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Extrapolations (2023) Series - 7.1/10

Extrapolations offers a thought-provoking exploration of various "what if" scenarios, ranging from alternate histories to futuristic possibilities. This anthology series sparks conversations about the potential consequences of our choices.

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test (2023) Series - 7.1/10

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test takes viewers behind the scenes of grueling military training. This documentary series offers a fascinating look at the physical and mental challenges faced by elite soldiers.

Will Trent (2023) Series - 7.0/10

Based on Karin Slaughter's popular crime novels, Will Trent introduces viewers to a complex detective facing intricate cases and personal demons. It's a must-watch for fans of crime dramas with well-drawn characters.

Unstable (2023) Series - 7.0/10

Unstable is a dark comedy series that explores the quirky dynamics of a support group for individuals with unconventional psychological disorders. With its irreverent humor, it's a refreshingly unconventional watch.

Fatal Attraction (2023) Series - 7.0/10

Fatal Attraction presents a gripping anthology of suspenseful and thrilling tales, each centered around the theme of obsession. It's a series that keeps viewers guessing with its suspenseful storytelling.

Secret Invasion (2023) Series - 7.0/10

Secret Invasion delves into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, exploring the consequences of shape-shifting aliens infiltrating Earth. With its ties to the broader Marvel universe, it's a must-watch for superhero enthusiasts.

Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) Series - 7.0/10

Squid Game: The Challenge revisits the intense world of the hit series Squid Game with a new twist. Contestants face even more challenging and life-threatening games in this gripping adaptation.

Obliterated (2023) Series - 7.0/10

Obliterated takes viewers on a high-stakes adventure as a group of individuals with no memory of their past must uncover the truth behind their amnesia. With its suspenseful plot, it's a mystery worth unraveling.


In 2023, the world of television offers an array of exciting new series across various genres. From dystopian futures to historical dramas, gripping mysteries, and supernatural adventures, these shows cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you're a fan of heart-pounding action, thought-provoking narratives, or side-splitting comedy, there's something for everyone on this list.

As we dive deeper into the year, make sure to catch these outstanding TV series that have garnered critical acclaim and captured the hearts of viewers. Whether you're binge-watching on a rainy weekend or savoring each episode, these shows are sure to provide hours of entertainment and memorable storytelling.

Which of these series have you watched, and which ones are you most excited to see? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below, and let's celebrate the wonderful world of television in 2023!

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