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Who will survive? Bullet Train (2022) - Review

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug's latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe, all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives on the world's fastest train. The end of the line is just the beginning of this non-stop thrill ride through modern-day Japan.

I am always up for a good action movie and this one fits the bill well. In a very Quentin Tarantino-esk style, this assassin standoff movie has a Japanese flair with a USA budget. Brad Pitt does a great job playing an assassin that wants to be more zen and realizes very quickly his bad luck is keeping him from reaching his goals. Humor action and silliness make this a great movie to shut off your brain and just enjoy the ride. Well worth the watch. Don't miss out on this one or you will miss some great action and hilarious cameos.

Ranking 8.0/10

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