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Who will be the last thief standing? Kaleidoscope (2023) Series - Review

Centered around the largest heist ever attempted, the vengeance and betrayals that surround it.

What a great gimmick for this show. Netflix has created a series where you can watch the episodes in any order. Even better they have randomized the user accounts so every Netflix user has a different order to watch the show. How clever. This one is a great heist tv series where everyone is out for themselves. Even the people you think are working together find a way to stab each other in the back. It's a great mind game show. Can you figure out who will be the big winner in the end?

How was yours laid out when you watched? Here was my order:

Yellow, Green, Violet, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, White

What did you think of this concept? Would make viewing parties a little more complicated. :)

Ranking 8.0/10

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