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Who wants to live forever? Interview with a Vampire (2022) Series - Early review

Based on Anne Rice's iconic novel, follow Louis de Pointe's epic story of love, blood and the perils of immortality, as told to the journalist Daniel Molloy.

Another reimagining of a story told before. Anne Rice's book gets a new series design and includes a recasting of the roles for today's diversity needs. Watching the pilot I realized that this version is moved up in the historical timeline from the original in what seems to be an attempt to capture a different audience. Instead of the plantations, we have brothels and the show leans into the relationships of Lestat and Louis more so than the movie did. AMC has also added lots of gore and sex to attract and tease more in the audience, but that has not really helped with the storytelling. Doubling down on their hopes AMC has already greenlit the second season, so we will see if the gamble pays off. Not sure I am on board just yet, but we will see how the story unfolds.

Ranking 6.9/10

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