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Weekend Rerun #4 Halloween Edition

From time to time it is great to re-watch older movies that I enjoyed. I miss watching TV and seeing a movie starting and trying to figure out what the movie is just by watching the opening few seconds of the movie. It was a game we played, and more often than not, we ended up watching the movie afterward. Here are a few movies I enjoyed again over the weekend.

The Lost Boys:

The classic horror/comedy from the eighties blended scary Vampires and comedy with the frog brother vampire hunters and Corey Haim. It was a great throwback to my teenage years watching this movie and seeing this one again.


Who are you going to call? One of the best movies from the eighties with comedy legends starring in a funny Halloween fav. This one had to be watched before the true sequel comes out later this year. It was great watching all the cheesy special effects and the comedy genius of Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd. Was great to watch again even though I have seen it so many times already.

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