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Wax on, wax off - Cobra Kai (2018) Series - Review

Thirty years after their final confrontation at the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny Lawrence is at rock-bottom as an unemployed handyman haunted by his wasted life. However, when Johnny rescues a bullied kid, Miguel, from bullies, he is inspired to restart the notorious Cobra Kai dojo. However, this revitalization of his life and related misunderstandings find Johnny restarting his old rivalry with Daniel LaRousso, a successful businessman who may be happily married, but is missing an essential balance in life since the death of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi. Meanwhile, even as this antipathy festers, it finds itself reflected in their protegees as Miguel and his comrades are gradually poisoned by Cobra Kai's thuggish philosophy. Meanwhile, while Daniel's daughter, Samantha, finds herself in the middle of this conflict amidst false friends, Johnny's estranged miscreant son, Robby, finds himself inadvertently coming under Daniel's wing and flourishes in ways worthy of Mr. Miyagi.

This show is a tribute to the Karate Kid movies from the 80's. It continues the story of Johnny, the loser of the final battle of the first movie. Flash forward 20 years and Johnny is in bad shape. His world is broken and he decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. The only part of his life where he had any happiness. This show is a great honor to the original feel of the movies. With throwback scenes and returning characters from the movies. The soundtrack is also a great tribute to the hair bands of the eighties and I love it. This one is about to start its third season. Well worth a watch.

Ranking 8/10

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