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The devil made me do it. The Stand (2020) Mini Series - Review

After the mass destruction caused by a man made virus called "Captain Trips." A false messiah emerges, possessing incredible powers and hellbent to rule the remaining human society. It's up to a group of people to journey the post-apocalyptic wasteland to stop him and his army.

So in a nutshell there are good things and bad things about this show. Stephen King adaptations have always been hit or misses when made. Knowing this story helped tremendously with following along with the show. I fear that if you have not red this book, or seen the other adaptations of this story you may feel lost in what is happening at times. When the devil is introduced in Hollywood it can sometimes be subtle, but in this show he takes center stage, and often is far too much to believe. It would have been better to see that arc build rather then to be thrust so quickly on the viewer. This show had shades of "the Walking Dead" mood and vibes at times. As in all King stories, there is plenty of death and carnage so be prepared for some pretty visceral scenes of gore. I am not sure how I feel about this one. At times I am eager to see how the protagonists will prevail and other times I feel like the main characters are not that interesting. Let me know your thoughts, as this one has left me rather perplexed.

Ranking 5/10?


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