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The devil is in the details - The Little Things (2021) - Review

Deke (Denzel Washington), a burnt-out Kern County, CA deputy sheriff teams up with Baxter (Rami Malek), a crack LASD detective, to nab a serial killer. Deke's nose for the "little things" proves eerily accurate, but his willingness to circumvent the rules embroils Baxter in a soul-shattering dilemma. Meanwhile, Deke must wrestle with a dark secret from his past.

The evil in the world is real and showcased in this thriller. This is another great performance by Denzel Washington and Jared Leto. In roles that blur the lines between good and evil. Sometimes things are not black and white, they live in the middle with the grey. It’s the little things that get you caught. Its not a fast moving picture, but it will get your brain thinking about what you might do in the same position. Well worth a watch in my opinion. What did you think?

Ranking 7/10


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