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Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) Series- Where Cash Prizes and Tears Flow Like a Bad Soap Opera

Follows contestants as they compete in challenges based on the Korean children's games featured on the Squid Game to win a $4.56 million cash prize.

Hey binge-watchers, prepare to question your life choices as you dive into the unhinged world of "Squid Game: The Challenge." It's like the original Squid Game, but with a sprinkle of desperation and a dash of, "Am I really watching this?"

Let's talk stars – not the Hollywood kind, but the brave souls who traded their dignity for a chance at a $4.56 million jackpot. I'm talking about people who looked at their bank statements and thought, "You know what would fix this? Dodging flying dalgona cookies and facing existential crises on national TV." Genius, right?

Now, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, give it a watch here. It's like a crash course in understanding why some people should never be given access to TV cameras and dramatic lighting. Reality TV wannabes, assemble!

What I liked about this carnival of chaos? The challenges are harder than trying to assemble IKEA furniture without crying. It's like the producers raided a forgotten board game closet and said, "Let's make adulthood even scarier." Kudos for creativity, but can we talk about the emotional rollercoaster? These contestants think they've got it all figured out, and then the game smacks them harder than reality hitting you on a Monday morning.

Now, what I hated? It's like the casting team went to therapy sessions, found people on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and said, "You, you, and definitely you – you're our stars!" There's more crying than a toddler's birthday party, and the drama is so thick you could cut it with a cookie from the challenge (more on that later). Some of these contestants are one meltdown away from a full-blown soap opera career.

And don't get me started on the death scenes. Some players act like they're auditioning for an Oscar rather than facing elimination. Note to the tearful actors: This isn't Hamlet; it's a bizarre game show. Save the theatrics for Broadway, please.

Now, for the juicy behind-the-scenes gossip. That giant piggy bank? CGI in the original series, but The Challenge went full Scrooge McDuck and made it rain with real cash. Bravo! Also, those robotic guards that haunted your dreams? The Challenge has them too, and the actors actually trained to be as emotionless as my ex during a breakup.

And the cookie challenge – oh, the cookies. The show's development chef faced a mission more intense than a spy thriller: creating cookies that don't turn into a soggy mess. Move over, Gordon Ramsay, we've got a baking challenge that makes Hell's Kitchen look like a daycare kitchen.

In conclusion, "Squid Game: The Challenge" is a 7.0/10 on the "I can't believe I'm watching this" scale. It's a hilarious train wreck of tears, drama, and cookies that probably violate the Geneva Convention. Grab your popcorn and strap in – this reality TV rollercoaster might leave you questioning your life choices.

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