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Small town Sheriff's are always bad - Out of Death (2021)

A corrupt Sheriff's department in a rural mountain town comes undone when an unintended witness throws a wrench into their shady operation.

This is not the Bruce I remember from "Die Hard" and "Armageddon". The aging megastar is retreating into his golden years making these small budget movies where he is no longer the leading character, but the backup or supporting roles. Jamie King is the star of this one, and Bruce is playing her backup in a scheme gone bad by a corrupt small-town sheriff. There were parts of this one that were pretty good, but Bruce is not the action star he was in the '90s. There were a few scenes where the camera cut down to just see legs running, as I am sure Bruce could not have done that much cardio. I wish Bruce would change gears, and start to choose roles that fit his age. This is not the way I want to see him end his career, with these low-budget movies that are just beneath him. Watch this one on a Sunday afternoon when there is not much else on your list.

Ranking 6/10

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