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Sins of the Father - ASCENDANT (2021) A.K.A. Rising Wolf - Review

A young environmentalist wakes, trapped, kidnapped in the elevator of a super high-rise building at the mercy of her tormentors.

This one was a surprise. Filmmakers are doing very well creating movies in this crazy pandemic reality we now live in. I liked how this Australian movie had thriller aspects and fantasy elements blended together pretty well. The ending could have been shaped a little better but it still held my attention even though some of the plot points were fairly transparent. Filmed on a meager 3 million dollar budget I was somewhat impressed with the quality of the movie compared to some of the big budget movies coming out of Hollywood. Seems like this one could have a franchise built around it based on the ending. I would be interested in your thoughts if you decide to watch.

Ranking 6.9/10


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