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Sibling rivalry...Come Away (2020) - Review

Eight-year-old Alice (Keira Chansa), her mischievous brother Peter (Jordan A. Nash) and their brilliant older sibling David (Reece Yates) let their imaginations run wild one blissful summer in the English countryside. Encouraged by their parents Jack and Rose (David Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie), the kids' make-believe tea parties, sword fights and pirate ship adventures come to an abrupt end when tragedy strikes. Peter, eager to prove himself a hero to his grief-stricken and financially-struggling parents, journeys with Alice to London, where they try to sell a treasured heirloom to the sinister pawnshop owner known as C.J. (David Gyasi). Returning home, Alice seeks temporary refuge in a wondrous rabbit hole while Peter permanently escapes reality by entering a magical realm as leader of the "Lost Boys."

In a re-imagining of the classic Peter pan and Alice in Wonderland stories this fresh take breathes new life into the old versions of these characters. I thought the take on combining these separate stories to have the same origin and characters was a great twist on the original ideas. This one is a little different then you may think, but was beautifully done. Period piece dramas can take you away to a different time and place with their colorful backdrops and costumes and eras. I enjoyed this one. Let me know what you think.

Ranking 7.5/10

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