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See behind the scenes in this great series on movies - The Movies That Made Us (2019) Series

A docuseries that shares the histories of classic popular movies that you may not know about.

Movies are one of my favorite pastimes. Some of the greatest films in history especially the box office giants have histories and stories from behind the scenes that a lot of people outside Hollywood have never heard about. This show dives into some of these stories. As a huge movie buff, this show is amazing for letting you see behind the curtain, and learn how some of the best movies were so close to never being made. How some movies changed completely from how they were written, and how some influential people changed the way we got to see these stories. The only thing that would make this show better, would be to have more actors in the movies sharing their opinions. If you are a fan of movies, you need to watch this show. I am loving it. I highly recommend watching it.

Ranking 8.5/10


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