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Santa's hidden past may shock you - Violent Night (2022) - Review

When a group of mercenaries attacks the estate of a wealthy family, Santa Claus must step in to save the day (and Christmas).

In what can only be explained as the love child of the movies "Die hard" and "Home alone", this Christmas movie is an exciting reimagining of the Holiday spirit. With sprinkles of nostalgia from Christmas movies of the past, this one took Santa to a whole new level of the badass hero. Starting out planning to throw in the towel, he builds his confidence and turns into the savior of the least for this one dysfunctional family. I was laughing at times and trying not to be grossed out by some of the humor and violence but at the end of the day, I was entertained. THIS IS NOT A KID'S MOVIE!!! Please take appropriate action if you have kids. There is a lot of adult violence in this movie. You have been warned. Still lots of fun. It will be on my list of Christmas action movies that need to be watched every year moving forward.

Ranking 7.5/10

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