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Reality shows unite - The Challenge: USA (2022) Series - Early Review

Contestants from the CBS reality shows "Big Brother," "Survivor," "Love Island" and "The Amazing Race" compete in games and missions for a cash prize.

If you are a reality tv fan like I am, this is the show for you. Take four reality shows and smash them together into one crazy competition. Fan favorites from Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island are smashed together into a competition where pairs will compete against other pairs for cash. Each week one pair is eliminated. If you eliminate a pair you get to keep all the money they have raised so far. With so many big personalities from reality TV, this one is a fun brain disconnect trash tv masterpiece. Just forget your worries and watch the struggle of these 15 minutes of fame stars trying to hang onto their spot in the sunshine. Let the carnage begin.

Ranking 7.5/10

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