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Old Dads (2023) : When Aging Rebels Get Woke and Snarky! - Review

Jack Kelly (Bill Burr), Connor Brody (Bobby Cannavale), and Mike Richards (Bokeem Woodbine) are best friends, business partners, and old dads. After agreeing to sell their throwback sports apparel company, they're excited to punch their tickets to the lives they've always dreamed of. But when the company is made over by an eccentric new millennial CEO (Miles Robbins), Jack's anger boils over, creating a series of crises at work, home, and his son's ultra-progressive preschool. In the aftermath, Jack and his fellow old dads must fight to win back their families and self-respect on an unlikely quest that takes them from Palm Desert casinos to strip clubs to the e-scooter-riddled streets of Los Angeles.

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your dentures and diapers because Bill Burr, Bobby Cannavale, and Bokeem Woodbine are here to teach us how to age disgracefully in "Old Dads." Directed by the man himself, Bill Burr, this movie is a wild rollercoaster through the lives of three middle-aged dudes trying to survive in a world gone mad. If you thought your dad jokes were top-notch, wait till you see these guys in action. But beware, there's more than just dad humor here, and it's got as many twists and turns as your grandpa's hip after a slip in the bathtub.

Bill Burr's vision of this story was best told with the other stars in the cast as well as himself. Genius. It's a holy trinity of seasoned actors here, folks, and they bring their AARP cards to the table with gusto. Together, they form a trio of aging rebels who are just as likely to pop a hip as they are to pop a cold one.

And speaking of Burr, this movie is not just his directorial debut, he's the mastermind behind the whole shebang. He also wrote, produced, and stars in the film. So, if you're a fan of Burr's comedy, you're in for a treat.

But that's not all. Burr's real-life wife, Nia Renee Hill, makes an appearance as the nurse in the maternity ward. This movie's got more connections than your aunt's Facebook friend list.

The plot is as wild as a Bingo night at a retirement home. Three old pals decide to sell their sports apparel company, hoping to trade in their orthopedic shoes for a taste of the good life. But when a young, hipster CEO (Miles Robbins) takes over, our man Bill Burr's anger issues turn everything upside down. Cue a series of hilarious crises that will have you snorting your popcorn.

The old dads soon find themselves on an epic quest to win back their families' love and their own self-respect. From casinos in Palm Desert to strip clubs, these guys stop at nothing in their midlife crisis escapades. And let's not forget the e-scooter-riddled streets of LA. Who knew three old dudes could wreak such havoc?

The good stuff? Well, Bill Burr is a legend, and his brand of comedy is a breath of fresh air in today's overly cautious world. If you love politically incorrect humor, "Old Dads" is like a spa day for your funny bone. You'll laugh out loud so hard you'll wake the neighbors.

The bad? Sometimes, it can get a bit sappy. You might find yourself wiping away a tear amid all the laughter. And, while Burr mocks woke ideologies left and right, he sometimes can't resist giving in. But hey, even old dogs can learn new tricks.

"Old Dads" is a comedic thrill ride that shows us that growing old doesn't mean growing up. With Bill Burr's genius vision and a cast of seasoned pros, it's a laugh-a-minute journey that leaves you in stitches and occasionally tugs at your heartstrings. "Old Dads" earns a well-deserved 7.3/10 on the geezer-guffaw scale.

So, whether you're an old dad yourself or just in it for the laughs, this film is a must-watch. Just be sure to bring your sense of humor, your rebellious spirit, and maybe a spare pair of adult diapers, because the laughter is non-stop.

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