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Oh Boy!!! Quantum Leap (2022) Series - Review

Set 30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished, follows a new team that must restart the project hoping to understand the mysteries behind the machine and its creator.

Here comes another remake of a classic TV show of the past. Taking a different approach and making it a sequel series, this show is set in the future of the original series. Filled with today's diverse casting, the show tries to mirror the success of the original series by including tidbits of the original show in the storytelling to try to elicit some nostalgia from fans. Not sure it is working as the ratings of the show episodes from episodes 1-3 have dropped like a stone. Not sure this show is going to make it to season 2 but if it does, I suggest it sticks to making the episodes enjoyable and not interject too much "wokeness". Fingers crossed.

Ranking 6.9/10

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