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Its all part of the show - Heels (2021) Series - Review

Two brothers and rivals - one a villain, or "heel," in the ring; the other a hero, or "face," war over their late father's wrestling promotion, vying for national attention in small-town Georgia.

After watching the premiere episode I know this is going to be a good series to watch. The feel of this show reminds me of other great shows like "Justified" and "Sons of Anarchy". The backdrop is a small town wrestling show but all the drama comes from the family behind the scenes. The southern charm is masking a war that's coming between the older and younger sons of the small-town hero that started it all. Egos are large and this promises to deliver the tension if episode one is setting the stage. What I am still trying to figure out is who the villain is? I will be all over this one. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Ranking 8/10


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