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If you could alter history with one act - Anthropoid (2016) - Review

ANTHROPOID is based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the World War II mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich. The Reich's third in command after Hitler and Himmler, Heydrich was the main architect behind the Final Solution and the leader of occupying Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia whose reign of terror prompted self-exiled Czech and Slovak soldiers (played by Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan) to hatch a top-secret mission that would change the face of Europe forever.

This is a must watch war movie. It did not get the exposure it deserved when released and is one of the better 2nd world war movies. This story is a sad one, but essential to the war effort that led to the demise of the German war machine. Sacrifice and dedication to the cause play out in this story. I highly recommend this movie if you have not already seen it.

Ranking 8/10

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