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How to win with...Snake Eyes (2021) - Review

A G.I.Joe origin story centered around the character of Snake Eyes.

This one surprised me a lot. I am not a big G.I.Joe fan but understand the appeal. This movie was so much better than the other G.I.Joe movies that have come out. I thought the casting was superb for all the characters except for two. Scarlett and the Baroness were two characters that I think didn't even need to be in the movie at all. They seemed forced into the story just so there would be a connection to the G.I.Joe world, but it didn't even need to be there. Plus their acting was so cartoonish compared to everyone else who was playing their roles in a serious way. Big props to Andrew Koji who nailed the Tommy role, and Henry Golding playing the flawed hero Snake Eyes. I love when the main characters are fighting their own demons, and not perfect. This one I suggest watching if you like action or are a fan of G.I.Joe. You will not be disappointed. Let me know your thoughts.

Ranking 7.5/10


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