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How to catch a killer - Midnight In The Switchgrass (2021) - Review

An FBI agent and Florida State officer team up to investigate a string of unsolved murder cases.

Bruce seems to be spitting out movies every other month lately. The problem is most of them have failed to hit the mark or be very good. In this one, he seems to be in the working actor role of the supporting star. Megan Fox and Emile Hirsch are in the lead roles trying to catch a serial killer that is eluding capture. This one is not too bad, but with the biggest star in the movie playing a small role, it just never really measured up to the Hollywood blockbusters we expect from A-listers like Bruce Willis. Clearly they are just using his name and popularity to sell this one. Maybe it's time for Bruce to take a moment to find something that will rebound his career. Still worth a watch if you are looking for a thriller that will not be too terrible.

Ranking 6.5/10


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