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Here we go again. - Boss Level (2020) - Review

A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death.

This was a great sleeper movie I stumbled across. In a "Groundhog Day" or "Edge of Tomorrow" theme, a retired soldier gets caught in a loop. Repeating the same day over and over with thugs trying to kill him with no explanation. Mel Gibson plays an evil villain in his slow return to Hollywood and we see lots of action and funny one liners. This one was a fun movie to discover. Knowing very little about the movie made it more enjoyable as I was not hoping for more then it could give. It had some funny parts and touching parts and of course the end of the world. If you like action and corny villains, then this one is for you. I enjoyed it a lot. Let me know what you think.

Ranking 7.5/10

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