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Good things come in threes - Spider-man - No Way Home (2022) - Review

With Spider-Man's identity now revealed, Peter asks Doctor Strange for help. When a spell goes wrong, dangerous foes from other worlds start to appear, forcing Peter to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Disney and Marvel have found a way to tap into the fan's desires and give them what they want. Long past is the days when directors try to reimagine a story that has already been loved by fans for generations. Disney has learned that creating stories that pull from the mountains of comic book back story and giving it to the fans has them coming back year after year to continue to watch their favorite comic book heroes fight the bad guys and win. Now this movie has some homework attached to it. In order to enjoy this movie to its fullest, you need to have watched all the other Spiderman movies. All of them. That'sThat's 8 previous movies. Thats the dedication to fandom this movie has dug into. Fans like me have been watching Spiderman since the 70s and with callbacks and easter eggs stretching back as far as I have been a fan this one was a treat to watch. This movie starts off seconds after the end of Far from Home, so you should at least watch that one if you do not have the time for 8 other movies. Well worth a watch if you are a Marvel fan. This movie sets up the next phase wonderfully. Remember as usual to watch all the way through the credits till the end.

Ranking 8.9/10

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