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Get ready for the waterworks - Somewhere in Queens (2022)

Leo and Angela Russo live a simple life in Queens, surrounded by their overbearing Italian-American family. When their son 'Sticks' finds success on his high-school basketball team, Leo tears the family apart trying to make it happen.

Hey there, movie lovers! Today, I want to share my thoughts on the new drama film that has been making waves in the cinematic world - "Somewhere in Queens." Directed by the talented Ray Romano himself, this complex and heartwarming family drama takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride, blending Italian humor with a tale of self-discovery.

The plot revolves around Leo and Angela Russo, an ordinary couple leading a simple life in Queens, surrounded by their overbearing Italian-American family. Everything changes when their son, fondly known as 'Sticks,' finds success on his high-school basketball team. Determined to make it happen, Leo goes to extreme lengths, tearing the family apart in the process.

The film boasts an impressive cast, including the renowned Ray Romano, Laurie Metcalf, and Sebastian Maniscalco. While we all know Ray Romano for his brilliant performances in TV shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond," "The Irishman," and "Paddleton," it's great to see him take on the role of both director and actor in "Somewhere in Queens."

Romano's dry humor shines through, adding a unique touch to the narrative. His portrayal of Leo Russo, a man caught in the chaos of his own making, is both heartrending and relatable. Laurie Metcalf delivers a stellar performance as Angela Russo, infusing the character with strength and vulnerability. Sebastian Maniscalco brings his comedic prowess to the table, providing moments of levity in an otherwise intense storyline.

"Somewhere in Queens" is a beautifully crafted film that explores the complexities of family dynamics. It delves into the struggles, sacrifices, and the search for identity that many of us can relate to. The story unfolds with so many layers, keeping you engaged from start to finish. You'll find yourself shedding tears one moment and laughing out loud the next.

Without giving too much away, I must say that the last line of the movie left me in stitches. It perfectly captures the essence of the Italian humor peppered throughout the film, leaving the audience with a lasting smile.

In conclusion, "Somewhere in Queens" is a must-watch for fans of family dramas seeking a balance of emotional depth and lighthearted moments. Ray Romano's directorial debut proves to be a triumph, showcasing his talent not only as a comedian but also as a storyteller. Prepare to be moved, entertained, and reminded of the power of love and laughter in even the most chaotic of circumstances.

That's it for today's review, folks! Grab your popcorn, find a comfortable seat, and let "Somewhere in Queens" take you on an unforgettable journey through the ups and downs of family life.

Until next time, happy movie-watching!


Ranking 7.9/10

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