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Forward and Back - Tenet

Review - Tenet

Ranking 7.5/10

Are you ready for another mind altering Christopher Nolan movie? This one will have you scratching your head to follow the plot but amazed at how the story weaves its way forward and back with the ability to control all things entropy. Without giving away too much of the story imagine if you could move backwards in time while everyone else is moving forward in time. This is the basic premise of this move. Now add in the great cast, the beautiful score and backwards effects and you get another gem of an idea. The plot is routine with a bad guy doing bad things and the good guys being all mysterious and cryptic while the audience tries to piece together the puzzle pieces that are coming at them out of order. Where this one frustrated me a little was the dialog that sometimes was drowned out by the action of the scenes and when the movie called out clear points for the audience to notice rather then letting the fans discover those points on their own. All in all another fun trip at the movies. Its the first big movie to be in the theaters since the pandemic started, and I am happy to be back.

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