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Fasten Your Seatbelts: 'Retribution' Review – Liam Neeson's Explosive Ride!

When a mysterious caller puts a bomb under his car seat, Matt Turner begins a high-speed chase across the city to complete a specific series of tasks. With his kids trapped in the back seat and a bomb that will explode if they get out of the car, a normal commute becomes a twisted game of life or death as Matt follows the stranger's increasingly dangerous instructions in a race against time to save his family.

Hey there, fellow movie enthusiasts! Ready to buckle up and take a wild, bomb-laden ride in Liam Neeson's latest action extravaganza, 'Retribution'? Strap in and hold on tight because I’ve got some thoughts on this rollercoaster of a film that's either about to blow your mind or at least your car seat.

So, you're probably here for the full scoop on this Liam Neeson flick, where he goes full-throttle into saving the day while trying not to blow up. If you haven't caught the trailer yet, well, imagine Liam Neeson dealing with a bomb, a car, and a task list longer than your weekend chores. Check out the trailer above to get a taste of the explosive action.

The plot follows Matt Turner, whose day takes an unexpected turn when a bomb decides to hitch a ride under his car seat. With his kids in the back and a ticking time bomb, it’s like Uber but on a 'Mission: Impossible' level. He's now caught in a twisted game where a mysterious caller dictates his every move. And no, it's not a new app, it’s a life-or-death situation!

First off, Liam's intense scenes are a dime a dozen. The man might be getting up there in age, but when it comes to scaring off bad guys with just a glare, he's still got it. If you want someone yelling at the baddies, no one does it better than the Neesonator himself.

Let's address the elephant in the room: Liam Neeson is starting to show his age. Come on, Hollywood, give the man a break! Also, I've seen more depth in a kiddie pool than in some of the sappy scenes here. Oh, and don't get me started on the bad guys who just can't resist the urge to spill their diabolical plans at the end. It’s like a mandatory "villain monologue" checkbox they never forget to mark.

This flick is a cookie-cutter thriller. You've seen it before – just add Liam Neeson and a car bomb. The whole 'guess the bad guy' game? Nope, you won't need Sherlock Holmes for this one. It's transparent from miles away.

Some trivia for you: 'Retribution' is the third remake of Spain's film, but the first to go by the original English title. Liam Neeson and Embeth Davidtz previously starred in 'Schindler's List' way back in '93. Ah, the good old days of Spielberg and heavy drama.

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for – the ranking! 'Retribution' gets a solid 6.5/10 from yours truly. It's a pulse-raising, popcorn-chomping action thriller, but don't expect it to win any Oscars for originality. Strap in for the ride, but lower the expectations a tad.

Buckle up, folks! Until next time, keep watching and keep laughing! 🍿🎬✨

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