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Explosions, Hemsworths, and Russell Crowe's Intensity: A Thrill Ride Through 'Land of Bad (2024) Movie Review

Updated: Mar 11

A US Army special forces unit is ambushed during a mission to retrieve an intelligence asset and their only remaining hope lies with a remote Air Force drone operator assisting them through a brutal 48-hour battle for survival.

Oh, where to begin with the cinematic extravaganza that is "Land of Bad"? Imagine, if you will, a movie where explosions are as common as the Hemsworth brothers on an Australian beach. That's right, folks, we're not just treated to one Hemsworth in this action-packed bonanza but two – Liam and Luke, bringing their brotherly bond to the battlefield, leaving us wondering if Chris was just too busy oiling his Thor hammer to join in on the family fun.

"Land of Bad" throws us headfirst into a plot that feels like the lovechild of “Behind Enemy Lines” and “Bat 21” on a diet of adrenaline and steroids. Our heroes, a US Army special forces unit, find themselves in a pinch stickier than a summer afternoon in the Outback. Their mission? To retrieve an intelligence asset that, surprise surprise, doesn't go according to plan. Enter the scene: explosions, bullets, and more explosions, because why not? The cherry on top is Russell Crowe, playing Capt. Eddie 'Reaper' Grimm, who appears to have wandered off the set of a historical epic, donning modern military garb, and honestly, I'm here for it.

But let's dive into the meat and potatoes, shall we? The Helmsworths (Liam as Sgt. Kinney and Luke as Sgt. Abell) clearly decided it was high time to give their brother Chris's movie "Extraction" a run for its money, because nothing says sibling rivalry like competing action movies. And boy, do they deliver. The action scenes? Exquisite. The explosions? Chef's kiss. The visceral scenes? Let's just say, you might want to keep that popcorn down.

However, no movie is perfect, and "Land of Bad" is no exception. The glaring absence of a reunion scene at the end left me feeling like I'd been ghosted after a third date – sure, we had fun, but where's the closure? And while we're on the subject of believability, the survival rate of these soldiers rivals that of a cockroach in a nuclear fallout. But hey, this is Hollywood, where realism goes to die a spectacular, explosion-filled death.

A little nugget for those in the know – Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth playing brothers is not just movie magic; these lads are the real deal, which explains the palpable chemistry and shared jawlines. And Russell Crowe? This man deserves a medal for acting with all three Hemsworth brothers across different movies, solidifying his status as an honorary member of their wolf pack.

So, what's the verdict? "Land of Bad" scores a solid 7.3/10 on the Dan-o-meter. It's a rollercoaster ride of action, brotherly love, and questionable military tactics, sure to leave you entertained, if not a little bewildered.

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