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Everything old is new again - 65 (2023) Review

An astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet only to discover he's not alone.

This one was pretty predictable all the way through. It was kind of like watching the trailer but just a long version of the trailer. Nothing was a surprise, and the foreshadowing was so in your face if you could not predict it, I am ashamed to know you if you call yourself a fan of movies. I am trying to remember the last movie I saw where the man was the hero at the end. Its been a while. This one is nothing special, but the special effects are really good, and there are some intense scenes when they realize they are not the apex predators. Worth a watch, but I would wait to watch this one at home. No need to rush to the theaters. Opening weekend and the show was half empty.

Ranking 7.2/10

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