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Everyone is killing everyone - Assassin Club (2023) - Review

An assassin is given a contract to kill seven people around the world only to discover the targets are also assassins who have been hired to kill him.

If you're looking for a movie with some cheesy action that's over the top, "Assassin Club" might be the film for you. Unfortunately, that's about the only positive thing that can be said about this movie.

The plot of "Assassin Club" is all over the place, and it feels like all the B-class characters from other movies showed up in this one. There's no clear protagonist, and the story jumps around so much that it's difficult to keep track of what's going on.

The action sequences are plentiful, but they're so over-the-top that they become ridiculous. There's no sense of realism, and the fight scenes are so poorly choreographed that they're laughable.

Overall, "Assassin Club" is a forgettable film that you're not going to be sad if you miss. While it may have some appeal for fans of mindless action movies, anyone looking for a coherent plot or well-executed fight scenes should look elsewhere.

Save your time and money and skip this one. There are plenty of other action movies out there that are much more entertaining and well-crafted than "Assassin Club."


Ranking 5.0/10

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