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Ba dum de dum dum - Tick Tick Boom (2021) - Review

On the brink of turning 30, a promising theater composer navigates love, friendship, and the pressure to create something great before time runs out.

If you like musicals, this one has to go on your list to watch. In a semi Biopic of Jonathan Larson, the creator of Rent, this one bears a little of his soul. The music in this movie is spectacular. Andrew Garfield does an amazing job playing Larson. You can feel the anguish and pain of his life coming through the music. Coming from a past in theatre, movies like these make me miss being in the shows in front of the crowds. Took me back to my teenage years, and I found myself caught up in the feelings and excitement of the production. Well worth the two-hour entertainment detour. Let me know if you like it.

Ranking 8/10


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