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Are you a hoarder or.... - The Broken Hearts Gallery - Review

What if you saved a souvenir from every relationship you've ever been in? THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY follows the always unique Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan), a 20-something art gallery assistant living in New York City, who also happens to be an emotional hoarder. After she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend, Lucy is inspired to create The Broken Heart Gallery, a pop-up space for the items love has left behind. Word of the gallery spreads, encouraging a movement and a fresh start for all the romantics out there, including Lucy herself.

Romantic comedies are not really my thing but from time to time there are a few that capture my attention like Serendipity or Always. This was not one of these movies. This one seemed very forced. There were funny parts but they seemed to be trying so hard to make you laugh and didn't let the humor develop on its own. There were a few parts that made me chuckle but maybe if you are broken-hearted this one works for you.

Ranking 5/10

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