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Almost blockbuster action... Plane - Review

A pilot finds himself caught in a war zone after he's forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm.

Gerard Butler has stapled himself into roles that are just on the fringe of being great action movies. This one has some great moments of action and adventure, but lose the audience when the crazy heroics become just plane silly. You can see the attempts to address the silliness, by trying to make it more believable, but the fact that they let it get there in the first place is why it scored lower than it could have with a little better writing. The premise itself is OK, but when you add in elements that are not thought out or fleshed out in the telling of the story, they seem rather forced. There is a whole story line of his convict helper that just went pretty much untold, you were just supposed to believe that he was there to help even though he was a convicted murderer. They allude to a case of mistaken identity but it could have been told in much better ways. Good movies always have you connect to the characters, and this convict was just muscle back up for action with little purpose to the plot. That to me wreaks of lazy writing. All in all it was entertaining enough, so if you like Gerald's style of action you will enjoy it.

Ranking 7.4/10

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