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A murder in time - Shining Girls (2022) Series

Years after a brutal attack left her in a constantly shifting reality, Kirby Mazrachi learns that a recent murder is linked to her assault. She teams with a veteran reporter to understand her ever-changing present and confront her past.

This one has my attention. We are three episodes in and the story twists and turns and seems to be telling the story from two perspectives in two separate time lines. This one is slow getting going but give it some time and you will need to find out what is happening just to satisfy your mind. You need to pay close attention to the details in this one so don't be multitasking or you will have to go back and re-watch it to understand. Its easy to get lost in this one. I will be needing to know how this one plays out, just for my sanity. Let me know what you think of it. It has some gore so be on the lookout.

Ranking 7.5/10

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