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A message of hope in a world gone bad - Walking with Herb (2021) - Review

Amid a crisis of faith, an amateur golfer receives a startling message from God on his computer screen.

In today's world, it is not hard to see why people struggle with faith. So much pain and misery exists everywhere how can there be a God? This movie reminds me of others like "Angels in the Outfield" or "Bruce Almighty" where the story revolves around the main character talking with God and has a moment where their faith is tested. I have always liked Edward James Olmos. He has an acting demeanor that commands attention. This movie is a slice of good in a world that is so bad. It's nice to be reminded every once and a while what a wholesome movie looks like. The Sunday night Disney classics from my youth. When you need to feel good watch this one.

Ranking 6.9/10


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