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24 hour hunt - Most Dangerous Game (2020) Series - Review

Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Maynard accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he's not the hunter - but the prey.

In an attept to create a new kind of story telling, Quibi invented a service that streams short little 10 min videos for people that want to consume content in smaller forms. This show was one of the first series of the streaming service and it is relatively good. The service ultimately failed but some of the content is worth watching. This one is like a suspense thriller movie chopped up in 15 parts 10 mins each. It held my attention well and I binged the whole season in one sitting, about the same as a 2 hour movie. Christoph Waltz plays a slimy villain like only he can. His performance alone is worth the watch. Liam Helmsworth plays a done on his luck protagonist that gets offered a chance of a lifetime only to find out things are not quite what they seem. The parts of this one that were unbelievable like Liam not being able to hold his own in fight scenes, was a little goofy, but I still enjoyed it enough to recommend you check it out. Takes about 4 episodes to set up the story but then the action starts to pick up. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Ranking 6.5/10


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